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Why should you use a web Proxy?

The Proxies are more and more popular for some good reasons.
- You will use a proxy to get around blocked content by your school, your university or your company. You can of course view any web sites with a web proxy.
- Some countries use filters to prevent their residents to visit web sites that the government considers as dangerous. Then, the residents of these countries routinely use proxy sites to access news and information from the outside world.
- With a Web Proxy, the details of the visitors are not logged (IP address, browser type, geographical location, your ISP, referring site etc...). This helps to make sure that the user can retain a degree of anonymity and privacy. The use of a proxy helps everyone to keep its rights to privacy.

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The Web-Proxies

A Web Proxy allows you to bypass your own internet provider and to browse confidentially.It is an intermediate server between the client request and the server resource. Its use is very easy. All you have to do is to type in the form the website address (URL) you would like to visit, and you can imediatly start browsing. Once you keep browsing using the web-proxy, you are anonymous and your real ip address is not logged. It exists dozens of web based proxies to choose from. Our list contains the best. Make your choice!

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